With operations in more than 150 countries, M-O-H is well known as the leader in mail-order-spousal fulfillment service systems solutions for women (and people with alternative lifestyles) around the world.

Jason Lee, CEO Lee

Jason Lee, recently announced as Interim-CEO, served as a territory manager for Mingledorff’s, Inc., where he headed up pull-through sales strategy implementation. Having strong connections with the Asian underworld, Lee anticipates strong growth in Hong Kong and Japan.

Shahin Zonoobi, Technology Guru Technology Guru

Shahin Zonoobi's role is Chief Technology Officer. He is a self-taught Internet genius. Shahin had the idea for the Compatibility Test and developed it overnight.

Art Melton, Industry Icon Visionary

Art Melton is the foremost expert on internet spousal ordering fulfillment systems. He served as CEO until his recent legal problems and subsequent disappearance.
"I was told early on that startup businesses are risky... people told me my idea was stupid... but I believe the key to success is to ignore other people's opinions."

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