About MailOrderHusbands, Inc

With operations in more than 150 countries, M-O-H is well known as the leader in mail-order-spousal fulfillment service systems solutions.


Jason Lee, CEO

lee_150Jason Lee is a well-established and well-connected veteran of the spousal fulfillment systems world. For the past 15 years he has worked in and around all types of mail order spouse companies. He left the CEO position at InstaMate to take over his dream job, heading up market leader MailOrderHusbands. Previously he was territory manager for AhoraHusband, where he managed pull-through sales strategy implementation.

Art Melton, Founder, Industry Icon

VisionaryArt Melton is the foremost expert on internet spousal ordering fulfillment systems. As founder and majority shareholder, he served as CEO until recent legal problems. “I was told startup businesses are risky, people told me my idea was stupid, but I believe the key to success is to ignore other people’s opinions.”

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