MailOrderHusbands Receives Best Customer Satisfaction Award

February 16, MOUNTAINVIEW, CA – DJ Powers and Associates, a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) products and services, has announced that it has named, a Spousal Ordering Fulfillment Systems Company as the Best Customer Satisfaction award for the Internet category. Ebay was ranked second.

The results of an opt-in survey of businesses and consumers, using the Powered By DJ Powers platform, rated the two firms as best in the Internet category. Ebay was ahead for most of the study, however the end results came in with virtually identical high customer loyalty index scores.

Results were suprising to the staff members at DJ Powers and many analysts, but not to “I had a feeling that we would win that one,” said Shahin Zonoobi the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

DJ Powers says the survey, conducted in November, was an “opt-in” study with nearly 200,000 respondents with nearly one hundred percent responding via the web. The Internet was one of seven industry categories and companies had to meet certain criteria within a category, such as minimum number of responses.

“We had not heard of them before, but on the last day they received 80,000 votes in the last three hours and that was enough to beat out Ebay” says Hal Swanson of DJ Powers.

The Best Customer Satisfaction award is the first issued by DJ Powers and they intend on changing their method of data collection in the future. The company says it will recognize selected categories each quarter and that it picked the Internet as a category because customer satisfaction was widely perceived to be the make or break issue for online retailing this past holiday season.

“We feel great about this recognition,” said Art Melton, CEO of “It is especially meaningful to us because everyone at works very hard at making the user experience the best it can be, and because free PR usually translates to higher sales.”

“Companies like and Ebay are proof that some of the organizations can successfully build out using customer satisfaction the way that many traditional brick-and-mortar firms do,” said Hal Swanson, of DJ Powers Systems.

“Our focus has been to leverage the Internet to sell a product that may or may not be high quality, to people who are desperate and tend to buy on impulse” says Art Melton.

The survey demonstrated that most companies see an increase in customer satisfaction after implementing a Customer Relationship Management system.

Notes: As a result of comments from Ebay and other candidates in the survey, DJ Powers has agreed to revise the survey methodology and require authenication of individual votes. They did not comment on the possibility of the results being unnaturally skewed.


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