MailOrderHusbands to Acquire AAA Phamacia Internacional


June 28, Las Vegas, NV, – Mail Order Husbands, Inc (M-O-H), a multinational conglomerate, and parent company of announced today that it plans to acquire AAA Pharmacia Internacional; another very successful online marketer, based in Mexico.

The merger is a near-perfect fit according to M-O-H’s CEO, Art Melton: “As is customary with unprecedented growth, we knew there were areas of the company that would either need to be developed internally or obtained through acquisition or partnership… This merger obviously benefits both parties.”

Sid Johnson, Founder of AAA Pharmacia, had this to say: “By integrating these complementary business models, each entity should grow substantially.” AAA operates out of Tijuana by selling packaged products via mail order mostly to Americans.

As an email marketer, AAA will benefit from M-O-H’s valuable online adspace for its products: arousal and libido supplements, male enhancement pills, and generic offshore prescription drugs. With the outstanding growth and unlimited future for both mail order husbands and intimacy enhancement products both companies recognize that their respective products work well together and share a similar customer base.

M-O-H’s main benefit from the partnership is leveraging AAA’s prowess in email marketing. With access to AAA’s database of thousands of emails, M-O-H will now launch numerous email campaigns to further its reach, and its all legal. A benefit of AAA’s international status is that M-O-H can send unsolicited emails to Americans from Tijuana and effectively circumvent the new US Spam legislation.

“Most people are unaware that they need or want our product so we figure if we email them three times a day they will eventually visit our site,” M-O-H’s Assistant to the Business Development Mgr, Mark Meland.

One potential obstacle that could either delay or possibly cause the merger to fail is AAA’s pending lawsuit with drug manufacturer Pfizer. Pfizer is seeking damages from patent infringement for AAA’s Viagra-knockoff product Viagrow. The suit claims Viagrow is a trademark violation and has no medical benefit whatsoever. Sid Johnson’s had this to say about the suit: “Oh, they’re full of hooey, I think we’ll win.”


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