Regarding the Libyan Husbands Recall

For those that saw the BBC exposé on our Libyan husbands snafu, there are few important points to consider that were not covered by this or other media coverage.

1) We are cooperating with the authorities and will be very proactive in resolving these issues
2) We do regret allowing the husbands to bring family members with them without consent of the customer
3) Not all of the husbands were terrorists, that was an exaggeration, most of them, yes
4) All customers have received full credit for their purchases and have 10 days to choose replacements.

We look forward to restored business operations in the countries that have barred us and the mutual gains we have enjoyed for many years.

Dating Tips from our CEO

Dating Tips from Jason Lee, CEO of MailOrderHusbands.Net

As an authority on dating and best practices I am always being asked for advice, here are some of my most basic tips. I hope this helps you:

  • Cleanliness: I put this first because a good first impression is important. You don’t necessarily have to take a shower, but wear something without food stains
  • Loosen Up: You don’t want to be too nervous, it’s good to have a few drinks before a first date
  • Be Cool: Seeming eager is frowned upon, it’s good to show up around 30 minutes late to your first date, don’t seem too enthused, it looks desperate
  • Compliment Your Date Immediately: Say nice things like: “I dig what you’re wearing, can’t wait to see what’s underneath”
  • Tell It Like It Is: When you have an opinion make it clear, make sure that person knows where you stand
  • Impress Them: It never hurts to embellish your stories, your date needs to know that you are a rock star
  • Talk About Yourself Frequently: Prepare some speeches that detail why you are a great catch
  • Look Popular: It’s good to arrange to have lots of people call you or run into you when you are out on a date
  • Exit Strategy: Have one, if the date is not going well do you just excuse yourself and head out the backdoor? I would.

Jason recently presented these tips when asked to be the keynote speaker at a recent mail order spouse conference in Bangkok. Click here to be his friend on Facebook.

MailOrderHusbands Cruise Recap

Cruise Recap – Huge Success

Thanks to all who attended the Bachelor Cruise, “Lost in a Sea of Bachelors.”

By most accounts, it was a tremendous success, with 4 confirmed marriages directly attributable to the cruise.

Regarding the breakout of legionnaires disease and subsequent effects. We have good news to report, no deaths. It was thought to have come from the hot tubs and spread quickly during the key party on Tuesday night. Hopefully nobody is feeling any effects at this point, symptoms can linger for up to a year.

As promised, following Tran Nguyen’s seminar titled “All of Sudden You’re married, Now What? How To Cohabitate,” Tran posted a copy of his Success Pyramid diagram featuring his tips on how to live with others.

** Update on the whereabouts of Daryl **
Coastguard officials still have no news on the disappearance of Daryl Schnitzer who mysteriously went missing on the second night of the cruise, we’ll keep you updated.

Also, stay tuned for the details on next year’s cruise, its theme is “Are You My Dreamboat?.. Aye, Aye Captain”

My 4 Pillars of Success in Business (and Life)

From my presentation on the Get Motivated tour.

Makes perfect. If you want to be successful like me, you can do it, you just have to practice. Take time to perfect your skills. For example, I never give a presentation without rehearsing it to an audience, which is often just my stuffed animals.

See your success. Before I go to bed, I visualize tomorrow’s achievements. There’s me, so confident in board meetings, or There I am me being compassionate when firing somebody, or Look how funny I am when telling a joke to my VPs.

A must have. Having a support system is important. I forward all my press releases and articles about me to my family members and they always give me positive feedback. It’s adorable to see how much they appreciate me.

Get some. I am a member of CnD Ministries and a devoted follower of the Dolphicorn, yes, me too..who has a plan for everyone. Part of Dolphicorn’s goal for me is to inspire people, whether they are a corporate hero or not.

Answers to Your Questions

Thanks so much for all your notes, I really appreciate hearing questions and notes from happy customers. Below are some from recent letters and responses (ala Parade Magazine, except these are real).

** Jason Lee’s Mailbag **

I’m told my husband will arrive soon, what precautions should I take before the delivery date?

You didn’t use your home address, did you??? Kidding, everything should be fine… but check the shipping invoice and make sure he looks like the guy you ordered. Remember, a Return Merchandise Authorization needs to be requested in the first 24 hours.

I’m a single parent, will it be confusing to my 3-year old daughter that I’m suddenly married?

This happens, it’s best to not explain anything to children and just tell them to call your new husband Dad.

My friend and I are interested in sharing a husband, is that an option?

When logged in, if you click on the bachelor’s preferences look at various options that have been checked (e.g. “Willing to go to Canada”, “Up to 40 Years Older Than Me”, etc.).. if you see one that says “Polygammy OK”, then you’re set.

Do you offer overnight delivery?

No… but in most regions 3 Day is available.

100 Bachelor Bucks for All My Friends


As you know, MailOrderHusbands.Net is all about customer excellence.

We’re very excited to announce that we’re giving all of My Facebook friends 100 “Bachelor Bucks”, toward your next order.

In difficult times like these, MailOrderHusbands.Net has not forgotten who made us the top spouse ordering fulfillment service worldwide. So, enjoy.

Bachelor Bucks are as good as cash… usable toward trade-ins or upgrades, or use them for ordering a brand new husband (except English-speaking or any new inventory from the last 90 days).

If you aren’t a friend yet, click here and you can still get the promo.

Thanks again for making us number one in the industry.

Updates to Privacy Policy – It’s Boring, Don’t Bother

MailOrderHusbands takes privacy very seriously. Our customers told us they want to see clear information about our privacy commitments and policy.

Our privacy commitments are fundamental to the way we do business every day. These apply to everyone who has a relationship with MailOrderHusbands.

  • We will protect privacy and keep our own employee’s personal information safe. We use powerful encryption and other security safeguards to protect our data, our location and our real names, for obvious reasons.
  • We don’t sell personal information unless the licensing terms are very attractive. This includes giving customer names and personal information to partner companies and others, for a variety of purposes, never mind the details.
  • We’re listening. Send us questions or feedback on our privacy policy, but please keep in mind we are really busy and might not respond.