Husband Compatibility Test, It’s Free!

In conjunction with the world’s foremost relationship experts we have developed a tool that combines the psychological profile advantages of the Myers-Briggs system with our own modern technological innovations. Based on your unique preferences our proprietary algorithms will compare your personality with the profiles in our database.

There are no “correct” answers, just respond with your first instinct.

1. At a party or large gathering, are you more comfortable with
 large group conversations with a lot of different people
 one-on-one conversations with a few people, known to you

2. Are you more impressed by
 principles--thinking of how things occur objectively
 emotions--feeling the way things personally impress you
 neither--you are confusing me

3. Do you prefer to work
 to deadlines
 work? I haven't worked in 2 years.

4. At parties do you
 converse with many strangers with ease
 focus on the "talent" and work the room

5. Are you more likely to
 stay in the "here and now"
 converse with imaginary friends

6. Which of these characteristics do you identify with
 I enjoy being friendly and helping others
 I have been known to torture small animals

7. In judging others are you more swayed by
 definite rules about social conduct
 hair styles

8. In relationships, do you usually find yourself
 stepping back and objectively evaluating your relationships
 emotionally involved because of the car that person drives

9. What is a more interesting weekend activity
 hosting a barbecue with good friends and relatives
 wasting time by yourself on ridiculous web sites

10. How often to you bathe
 more than once a week
 less than once a week

11. In your social groups do you
 keep abreast of other's happenings
 get behind on the news
 no friends, n/a

12. Events are more comfortable for you if
 you can participate in them with your decisions
 you can watch from a safe distance behind bushes

13. I assume my perfect mate will have
 outgoing and ambitious personality
 I hope for some hair, and a job would be nice

14. Your decisions mostly are based on
 logic and facts
 emotions and personal values (i.e. nonsense)

15. Which rules you more
 your head
 your heart
 something else

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