Dating Tips from our CEO

Dating Tips from Jason Lee, CEO of MailOrderHusbands.Net

As an authority on dating and best practices I am always being asked for advice, here are some of my most basic tips. I hope this helps you:

  • Cleanliness: I put this first because a good first impression is important. You don’t necessarily have to take a shower, but wear something without food stains
  • Loosen Up: You don’t want to be too nervous, it’s good to have a few drinks before a first date
  • Be Cool: Seeming eager is frowned upon, it’s good to show up around 30 minutes late to your first date, don’t seem too enthused, it looks desperate
  • Compliment Your Date Immediately: Say nice things like: “I dig what you’re wearing, can’t wait to see what’s underneath”
  • Tell It Like It Is: When you have an opinion make it clear, make sure that person knows where you stand
  • Impress Them: It never hurts to embellish your stories, your date needs to know that you are a rock star
  • Talk About Yourself Frequently: Prepare some speeches that detail why you are a great catch
  • Look Popular: It’s good to arrange to have lots of people call you or run into you when you are out on a date
  • Exit Strategy: Have one, if the date is not going well do you just excuse yourself and head out the backdoor? I would.

Jason recently presented these tips when asked to be the keynote speaker at a recent mail order spouse conference in Bangkok. Click here to be his friend on Facebook.