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Cruise Recap – Huge Success

Thanks to all who attended the Bachelor Cruise, “Lost in a Sea of Bachelors.”

By most accounts, it was a tremendous success, with 4 confirmed marriages directly attributable to the cruise.

Regarding the breakout of legionnaires disease and subsequent effects. We have good news to report, no deaths. It was thought to have come from the hot tubs and spread quickly during the key party on Tuesday night. Hopefully nobody is feeling any effects at this point, symptoms can linger for up to a year.

As promised, following Tran Nguyen’s seminar titled “All of Sudden You’re married, Now What? How To Cohabitate,” Tran posted a copy of his Success Pyramid diagram featuring his tips on how to live with others.

** Update on the whereabouts of Daryl **
Coastguard officials still have no news on the disappearance of Daryl Schnitzer who mysteriously went missing on the second night of the cruise, we’ll keep you updated.

Also, stay tuned for the details on next year’s cruise, its theme is “Are You My Dreamboat?.. Aye, Aye Captain”