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Thousands of couples have found happiness through Mail Order Husbands, including Arlina and Mark.

Date: July, 2008

Scenario: Arlina had an urgent case. As a result of a self-imposed deadline of being married before she reached 33, she knew that she only had a few weeks to meet and marry her man. With few legitimate prospects in her remote location, Arlina turned to Mail Order Husbands.

MOH is used to these situations.

Arlina met her husband, Mark (right), through Mail Order Husbands by first emailing him. Their affection blossomed when Arlina purchased him from his homeland of Latvia. Click here to read the terms of our iron-clad guarantee Mark's understanding of English is rough due to his learning disabilities, but they are both fluent in the language of love.

"Not only was MOH able to provide me a variety of bachelors to choose from, but I was able to beat my deadline by 2 weeks when I ordered Mark. Thank you, Mail Order Husbands!" -Arlina

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